101st Hill Country Battle of the Blues Day 1

On the 16th of March 2018, the Trinitians and Antonians came together at the Asgiriya International Cricket ground at 9:30 am dancing with excitement to the music played by the papare bands to launch into the proceedings of the 101st Big Match. It only took another 20 minutes of cheering and chanting for the warmed up players to enter the field. First off the Antonians were batting as the Trinitians had chosen to chase. Along with the never-ending willpower of both teams and the infinite support from both schools, the 1st innings turned out to be overflowing with adrenaline. By the time the Antonians had reached a total score of 15 runs, four wickets: Master Suneera Jayasinghe, Master Diyon Stouter, Master Satheesh Wickramarachi and Master Theeksha Gunasinghe had been already taken by the Trinitians.

Master Mohammed Absar was taken out as the 5th wicket with a total score of 75 runs. Next, at 78 runs Master Navodya Wijayakumara got out. The captain of the team Master Janidu Himsara was out after taking the scores to 98. The eighth wicket was Master Kalhara Senarathne. Ultimately the total scores obtained were 115 all out.

After the lunch break, the two teams switched roles from batting to fielding and fielding to batting and returned to the grounds re-energized to commence the 2nd innings. The Antonians were off to a good start, taking out one of the opening batsmen of Trinity College Master Trevon Percival with a score of 0 runs. Not later did they achieve yet another wicket Master Hasitha Jayasuriya with a total score of 2 runs. The captain Master Hasitha Boyagoda got out at a Total score of 95 runs. Eventually, the Antonian score was overtaken by Trinitian player Master Jeff Weerasinghe.

And the game kept going with both teams playing on into the evening, hoping for an exciting the following day as well. One question still remains unanswered. Will the Antonian eagles make an unexpected comeback and tame the lions? Or will the Trinitian Lions be able to jolt their own against the Eagles in the 101st hill-country battle of the blues? Stay tuned to find out tomorrow: day 2 of this tensing cricket encounter.

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