101st Hill Country Battle of the Blues ends in a Draw

The day dawned with a pleasant atmosphere and a promising weather. It began with Trinity continuing their 1st innings from the previous day. Unwavered by their failures during the previous day, the Antonian eagles were relentless this time and managed to stop Trinity at a score of 196/10 by 10:50 am.

The Antonians answered to Trinity College’s untold challenge by scoring single runs slowly, but steadily. The Antonians lost their first wicket, Sunera Jayasinghe,  at 11:35 with a total score of 22 runs.

Due to bad weather conditions, the match was paused at noon and the Cricketers had their lunch break. As the conditions worsened, most of the cheering squads left.

After the rain ceased, the match was restarted at 2:30 pm.  The Antonians lost their second wicket, Mohamed Absar, with a total score of 60 runs.

However, the returned favorable weather conditions didn’t persist and a second downpour wets the stadium.

The match was called off at a “draw” and the awards were handed out.

But hopes remained high in anticipation of the Limited Overs Cricket Encounter that would be held next week at St. Anthony’s College Kandy.

Antonian Reporter,
Zaid Bin Hussain

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