Antonian Drama Festival 2017

On the 29th of September 2017 the 4th Drama Festival of St Anthony’s College organized by the Senior Drama Troupe was held at the college main hall, first at 10:30 am for the students from grades 1 to 7, second for the grades 8 to 13 and the public show at 3.30 am. As done in any cultural occasion first up was the lighting of the traditional oil lamp followed by a moment of prayer and the college anthem. The drama troupe had decided to start off with a play that is based on a historical incident. The script was about a journey of the well-known Saint Joseph Vas in the island of Ceylon. Next shown was a drama quiet popular among the Antonians called ‘Love Birds’. The clear goal of this drama is to alert the young audience of the dangers of abusing social media in an entertaining and youthful way. Third up was a drama called “කැරකෙන වීදිය” written by St. Anthony’s College’s very own drama teacher Mr. Anthony Wijerathne. The play revolves around a pregnant mother who wants her child to start learning before he or she was even born. Since that was impossible all her efforts resulted in giving birth to a demonic child. Last was a dialogue-less play about a typical day in a Sri Lankan village which is hard to see in this 21st century. Ending with a thank you speech and the national anthem the crowd was left talking and laughing themselves out about the talents of the Antonian actors, the beauty of the scripts and ideas for the 2018 Drama Festival.

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