Colours Award Ceremony 2014-2016

In order to honour all great sportsmen of our prestigious institution, the Colours Awards Ceremony was introduced in 1967 and was held ever since. Today, 3rd of February, 2017, a Colours Awards Ceremony was held to award the accomplished sportsmen of the last three years.

It began at 3.30 p.m and continued till around 6.30 p.m. The Chief Guest was distinguished old boy, Udaya Weerakoon, First Officer of Air Lanka and former Shuttler of our school – a great choice to match the event. Amongst the invitees were also Rev. Fr. Shamindra Wijewardana and the Bishop of Kandy, Rev. Fr. Vianney Fernando.

The lighting of the oil lamp was followed by the Hymn to St. Anthony and the College Anthem.

Before the Merit Awards were presented, an Eastern dance with a modern twist was performed to start the event off with the audience’s full attention.

Merit awards were handed out next. In between, the choristers sang “On top of the world”, a speech was presented by Rev. Fr. Vianney Fernando and an efficiently practiced dance was performed by the young Antonians of the Primary Department.

Then came the presentation of awards and special awards. And right after, many glorious sportsmen were presented with Wings.

Then came the Tamil students with their awesome dancing skills in a fast-paced South-Indian song.

And finally, the Eagles were awarded to the best of the best.

Athletics –     A.R.C Weerawardana
Badminton – S. Rajapaksha
M.W.T Piyadasun
M. Shadir
Cadetting –   Sgt. Alwis D.P.D
Football –      F.R Mujahid Ahamed
Swimming – C.R Yogarathnam
Rugby –         Dinuk Amarasinghe
Top points scorer:   Samuel Maduwantha

After the presentation was the Chief Guest’s speech, an inspiring piece.

The great event ended with a heartfelt Vote of Thanks by Mast. Dinuk Amarasinghe.

Zaid Hussain and
Sahit Liyanage

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