De Eiecit ’18 – Aviation Day

On June 1st the Antonian aviators conducted an assembly starting at 1:00 pm in the main hall. Its purpose was not only to celebrate aviation but to be reminded of its importance to the young.

  The audience comprised of students from various other schools, Antonian aviators, Rev.Fr.Principal and the Chief Guest Mr. Priyanatha Ross, former CEO of Srilankan Airlines. The event got underway with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp followed by the hymn to St.Anthony and College anthem.

  After an intro video, the Antonian Aviators prepared and displayed an interactive presentation on the value of Aviation, types, and parts of aircraft. As the event progressed, the time came for Mr. Priyantha Ross to take over the podium. He shared frighteningly dangerous moments he had experienced during his lifetime as a global navigator ending by showing his gratitude to the young aviators and future pilots.

 A slow song performed by two aviators soothed tired minds, proving that the aviators have talent in out of their expert subjects followed by an introduction ceremony for the new Aviation committee which paved the way to a speech by the president of the Antonia aviation club.

A token of appreciation was presented to Mr. Priyantha Ross for the vital time he spent in behalf of this occasion, a thank you speech by young Antonian Aviator Master Kasun Amerasinghe followed by the National Anthem ended, the first of many more events relating to Aviation.


  Sahit Liyanage

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