EXOTICA ’18 – English Day

On the 22nd of June in the main hall, the English Literary Circle along with the assistance of the school commenced the celebrations of the English language in the annual event English day, now renamed Exotica.

 Judging from the English day celebrations in the past years, the new label ‘Exotica’ isn’t standing alone as a new addition to this years’ English day. For the first time in Antonian history, besides the normal intra-school competitions, the English literary circle had organized an inter-school English competition which was held on the 5th of June and Exotica provided a good platform for the inter-school award distribution. And before that on the month of May, an inter-school debate championship was also introduced.

As the clock struck one, students and teachers from St.Anthony’s as well as other schools gathered in the main hall. After being escorted to the entrance by the school cadet band, the chief guest for the day, Madam Kamala Wijeyarathne, Rev.Fr.Principal, Benedictine Fathers and deputy principals took their seats.

 After the lighting of the oil lamp, prayers, Hymn to St.Anthony and college anthem, the president of the English Literary Circle Master Himaru spoke of the influence of English while welcoming those who listened.

Two songs by the Junior Singing group who had recently secured 1st place in the zonal competitions and the Antonian choir were sung one before and one after a few words from Rev.Fr.Principal. A ballet dance from the students new to the senior school was performed and an extremely creative drama by the Junior Drama troupe got the crowd begging for more. In the middle of it, all awards were distributed.

 The audience paid fine attention to Madam Kamala Wijeyarthnes’ speech which was tailed by the song ‘Green Light’ by Pitbull sung by four senior committee members, leaving Master Madhushan, the secretary of the English Literary Circle to bring it all to an end with a fair amount of words.          

Sahit Liyanage

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