The Intense Clash between the Saints

The rugby match between St. Anthony’s College Kandy and St. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia kicked-off at 4.15 p.m.¬†at the Kandy Sports Club Rugby Grounds in Nittawela. Both teams arrived pumped-up for action for action despite the overcast conditions. With the whistle of the referee, the match began.
At first, the Thomians progressed fast and scored a total of 12 points before the Antonian ruggerites began catching up. Slowly, but steadily–despite a few mishaps–the Antonians chased St. Thomas’ score at an impressive rate. The desperate Thomians found themselves in a tight corner but managed to hold on to their lead.
However, the Antonians overtook the Thomians’ score and led the game with a score of 29-24 points. The game grew intense, as it progressed into the late evening hours. With an invigorated crowd, the stadium was alive with cheering. But, at the last possible moment, the Thomians managed to pull up their socks and score a try and converted it. Ultimately, the fair game ended with a heartwarming display of true sportsmanship as both teams forgot all the conflicts during the game and shook hands with their opponents, as night fell.
Antonian Reporter,
Zaid Bin Hussain

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