Mr. Edmund’s Felicitation Ceremony

Mr. Edmund who was an honest and humble member of the non-academic staff of St. Anthony’s College for 66 years has been felicitated by the students of the Science Society on 11th of October. The Felicitation ceremony was held in the Bio Lab at 2.30pm onwards.

Rev. Fr. Principal Henry Bernard Wijerathne OSB, The Chief Guest that afternoon Dr. Saman Nanayakkara and Mr. Edmund were invited to the ceremony.

First the welcome speech was given by the President of the Science Society, Mast. Lakruwan Bandara. Then, it was the time to Rev. Fr. Principal to address the gathering. There, he recollected that the great service done by Mr. Edmund in St. Anthony’s College during 66 years.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Saman Nanayakkara addressed the gathering and told the students about his past memories as an Antonian with Mr. Edmund’s kind gesture.

Then it was the time to Mr. Edmund to address and he spoke few words about the past years he had in the school while working as a lab assistant. It was a great time to Mr. Edmund who have been admired on that day by the students & his eagerness turned into some innocent words. Deputy Principals, Sectional Head and the Teachers of Science Section had participated in this event.

Finally it was the vote of thanks given by the Secretary of Science Society Mast. Tharuka Dissanayake and everyone dispersed away with some sense of glad and eager.

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