Retirement of Mrs. Seetha Rathnayake

Mrs. Seetha Rathnayake left the Antonian fraternity on 8th December 2017 after her 34 years of service. She was born on 4th February 1958. She started her teaching career in 1984 at Polonnaruwa Manampitiya Central college. She taught mathematics and science subjects to the students. After her service at Manampitiya College, she came to Our school St.Anthony’s college and rendered her service without ignoring her responsibilities. She was one of the teachers with the least number of holidays. The most number of holidays that she has taken in a year is 16.

She rendered her service to our Antonian Fraternity from  2013 to 2018 as a  mother to all the students as well as a sister to other teachers. Although she got retired, she will remain forever in our minds.                                               

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