Road Race 2018

On the 12th of January 2018 the participants of the road race from all four houses were ordered to stand in front of the main pavilion until the students and teachers took their seats which they did as soon as the time reached 8:30 am. When all were settled the media announced the College flag to be hoisted up by Rev.Fr. Henry Bernard Wijeyarathne, everyone gathered there, stood up to sing the Hymn to St.Anthony followed by the College Anthem just after the flag met the sky. A moment of prayer was then conducted by Rev.Fr. Niranjan Wijeyarathne to commence the blessing as protection for the young contestants. The road race was then started under the command of Rev.Fr. Principal. The contestants have to head towards the Weerakoone gardens after exiting the college premises, past the railway crossing, the Tobacco Company, enter the Paranganthota junction, along pansala lane, through Nittawala tunnel and re-enter the college. After an intense amount of minutes the first contestant arrived at the college premises. Everyone had their eyes on the road as Master N.B.Y Jeyaraj of Light Blue house took the win with a record of 29.24 min. In second was Master A. Frank of Dark Blue house and in third Master Lakshan Wijeyanayake of Double Blue house. After the participants were re- hydrated and the emotions of the crowd were contained, the awarding ceremony for the top ten athletes was held. The event ended with the national anthem and another grand Antonian memory.

Sahit Liyanage

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