Schoolboy Wins Gold in The International Earth Science Olympiad ’17

Master Umar Azad of the St. Anthony’s College, Kandy¬†won the Gold Medal in The International Earth Science Olympiad ’17 held in France for a Project he did on Earth Science and has brought much glory to our school and country.

Master Umar was interviewed and gave a description of his journey from what began small but ended big for him.

Q: Tell us how you got in.

A: “Well, my name is Umar Azad. I’m sixteen years old. I was selected for the competition by writing an entrance test held by the Geological Department of Sri Lanka. Four students were chosen: myself, two boys from Richmond Galle and Matara Rahula respectively. And a girl from Hillwood.

Q: Did you train anywhere before going?

A: ” Training programmes were conducted at the Universities of Peradeniya and Moratuwa.”

Q: Where in France did you go for the competition?

A: “It was at the Centre International Valbon in Sophia Antipolli Nice. We left on the 20th of August and came back on the 31st.”

Q: How was your competition?

A: “120 participants from 32 countries.”

Q: What were your achievements?

A: “I received Gold in Earth Science Project. Sri Lanka received a total of 2 Gold medals, a bronze and a Silver.”

Master Umar Azad is truly one to be inspired. It may only be an year before he does it again.

Zaid Hussain,
Young Antonian Reporter

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