Schoolboy Wins Gold in The International Earth Science Olympiad ’17

Master Umar Azad of the St. Anthony’s College, Kandy won the Gold Medal in The International Earth Science Olympiad ’17 held in France for a Project he did on Earth Science and has brought much glory to our school and country.

Master Umar was interviewed and gave a description of his journey from what began small but ended big for him.

Q: Tell us how you got in.

A: “Well, my name is Umar Azad. I’m sixteen years old. I was selected for the competition by writing an entrance test held by the Geological Department of Sri Lanka. Four students were chosen: myself, two boys from Richmond Galle and Matara Rahula respectively. And a girl from Hillwood.

Q: Did you train anywhere before going?

A: ” Training programmes were conducted at the Universities of Peradeniya and Moratuwa.”

Q: Where in France did you go for the competition?

A: “It was at the Centre International Valbon in Sophia Antipolli Nice. We left on the 20th of August and came back on the 31st.”

Q: How was your competition?

A: “120 participants from 32 countries.”

Q: What were your achievements?

A: “I received Gold in Earth Science Project. Sri Lanka received a total of 2 Gold medals, a bronze and a Silver.”

Master Umar Azad is truly one to be inspired. It may only be an year before he does it again.

Zaid Hussain,
Young Antonian Reporter

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