Talentum Aquilae ’17

The fifth consecutive talent show “Talentum Aquilae” organised by the Prefects’ Guild, was once again held much glamorously on the 22nd of September 2017.

Opened by the traditional lighting of the oil lamp, college anthem and speech by the head prefect, the show began. The intro video, with its upbeat music and amazing graphics, gave the crowd the kick-start they needed to enjoy the show that was to be Talentum Aquilae.

The show featured some new concepts besides songs. A witty comedy-type drama succeeded in bringing down the house and another unique boy with a unique talent to mime Alvin from the popular Alvin and the Chipmunks movie , also interacted with the audience. Master Akila Shehan, a student who had taken part in the talent show ever since the year it started took part in it for the last time, grabbing the crowd’s attention with his captivating voice as he sang his final song. Master Aman Mohamed, a talented young singer who sang Seven Years by Lucas Grahame last year, returned this year and once again left the crowd dumbstruck in amazement. The Falcons, Infinity and Beyond and Eagle Shadows were several bands that performed. A boy whose fame had grown for dancing like the famous singer Michael Jackson, also performed to the song ‘Thriller’.
Finally the crowd rose to the National Anthem after the Vote of Thanks.

Thus concluded the grand event that was Talentum Aquilae.

Zaid Hussain,
Young Antonian Reporter

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