The Milestone of Antonian Scouting, “CentAnJambo” Windsup Successfully

After three days of laughs, adventure, work and tragedies, the scouts, young and old, boys and girls, cubs and seniors all gather at the rally ground. It was fun for everyone. Alas! All good things must come to an end. As the Ceremony begins, a speech is given, and participation awards were handed out to the Cub Scouts and the Singithi Scouts. The Young Scouts enthusiastically ran to the main pavilion to receive their awards. Mrs.H.M.R. Senanayake delivered the vote of Thanks, Thus concluding the CentAnJambo Cubs Day. The Cub Scouts and Singithi Scouts dispered. The Remaining scouts stood at ease. As the Guests of Honour entered, the Antonian Scouts stood at attention. They saluted as the party passed between the parallel lines they’d formed. When the Guests passed, they broke formation and entered the rally lines. The Jamboree Song, Hymn to St.Anthony and the College Anthem were sung harmoniously. Rev.Fr. Henry Bernard Wijerathne’s speech flowed through all watching minds. And after, the podium was offered to a scout official to inspire the people inside the ground premises. The Chief guest, Commander M.S. Basnayake, then rose from his seat as it was his turn to speak. And as was for the Cub Scouts, Senior Scouts too were given awards for participation. Followed by the Special Awards. With the Vote of Thanks, the Great Event CentAnJambo came to an end.

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