1854–1856 Rev. Fr. Felice Zoppi, OSF (Founder)
1856–1869 Under supervision of Parish Priests, the school had a succession of laymen who functioned as administrators during this period. They were: Messrs Poorey, Peiris, De Silva, Fernando, A. Staples, Geddes and Paul.
1870–1871 Irish Christian Brothers (Rev. Bros. John & Paul)
1871–1872 Mr. W. Hopp (Administrative Head)
1872–1874 Mr. J. Jorden (Administrative Head)
1875–1876 Fr.Vanderstraatan
Rev. Fr. Dom H. Vanderstraaten, OSB
Born in 1840. Ordained in 1866, at the Lateran Basilica in Rome. Died on 16thMay 1879 in Pitipana, Negombo.
1876–1877 Rev. Fr. Dom Paul Perera, OSB
1877–1879 Fr.Craner
Rev. Fr. Dom Maurus Craner, OSB
Born 25th February 1856. Studied at St. Anthony's College, Kandy. First Old Boy Principal. Ordained on 26th December 1879. Died 19th January 1917.
1880–1892 R.P.Jansz
Mr. R.P. Jansz (Head Master)
1892–1898 Fr.Leitan
Rev. Fr. Dom Hilarion Leitan, OSB
Ordained on 19th December 1891. Studied at Royal College, Colombo. Died on 19th March 1933
1898–1906 Rev. Fr. Dom Maurus Craner, OSB (1877–1879)
1907–1914 Fr.P.Caspers
Rev. Fr. Dom Philip Caspersz, OSB
Born in Colombo on 11th October 1875. Ordained on 22nd December 1900. Died 5th December 1957.
1915–1916 Fr.B.Hyde
Rev. Fr. Dom Basil Hyde, OSB
Ordained in 1907. Studied at St. Anthony's College, Kandy. Founder of the Old Boys` Association. Also served as a Teacher since 1907. Died 23rd April 1957.
1916–1921 Fr.J.Caspersz
Rev. Fr. Dom James Caspersz, OSB
Ordained in June 1906. Studied at St. Benedict`s College, Colombo. Died on 10th May 1972.
1921–1943 Fr.L.Hyde
Rev. Fr. Dom Lawrence Hyde, OSB
Born in India, on 8th November 1891. Ordained on 22nd December 1917. The longest serving Principal of St. Anthony's College. Died on 21st December 1982.
1944–1957 Fr.Rosati
Rev. Fr. D. Angelo Rosati, OSB
Died on 11th September 1957, within a week of seeing his masterpiece 'The College Hall' completed and opened.
1957–1961 Fr.Rudolph
Rev. Fr. Dom Hilarion Rudolph, OSB
A graduate from the University of Oxford.
1961–1967 Fr.Robinson
Rev. Fr. Dom I. Robinson, OSB
Born 9th November 1924. Ordained on 10th February 1950. Eldest Son of the illustrious and distinguished Old Antonian - Charles Robinson, who was the Founder Principal of St. Thomas' College, Matale. Died on 13th November 2001.
1968–1977 Fr-Aidan
Rev. Fr. Aidan De Silva, OSB
Born 11th July 1917. Ordained on 25th August 1945. Studied at St. Anthony's College, Kandy. Died on 12th September 1984.
1977–1979 Fr.Amarasinghe
Rev. Fr. Dom Lanfranc Amerasinghe, OSB
Born on 25th August 1923. Ordained on 10th February 1950. Studied at St. Anthony's College, Kandy. Also served as a teacher, Warden of Hostels and Director Junior Seminary, since 1955. Has continued to reside at the College premises after the recent retirement, making himself the longest serving priest at St. Anthony's College.
1979–1994 Fr.Stephen
Rev. Fr. Dom Stephen Abraham, OSB
Born 15th February 1933. Ordained on 17th December 1964. Studied at St. Joseph's College - Colombo. Also served as Teacher, Prefect of Games, Warden of Hostels and Head Master /Director of Primary Section, at St. Anthony's' College, since 1965.
1994–2005 Fr.Hilarion
Rev. Fr. Dom Hilarion Fernando, OSB
Born 10th April 1946 in Moratuwa. Studied at St. Anthony's Primary School - Kandalana and St. Sebastians College - Moratuwa. Ordained on 4th August 1973. Also served as Relief to Warden of Hostels in 1974 & 1977, Warden of Hostels from 1983 to 1989 and as Head Master of Primary Section from 1990 to 1994.
2005-2013 Fr.Titus
Rev. Fr. B.K. Titus H. Rodrigo, OSB
Since 2013
Rev. Fr. Dom. Henry Bernard Wijerathne OSB